Design Study for the European Underground Research Infrastructure related to Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage


Deliverable D4.1 Report on the numerical simulations

Deliverable D4.1 reports on the numerical simulations of the underground structures of the RICAS2020 research centre using newly developed realistic simulation approach in the finite element program ABAQUS to forecast stability of the complex subsurface infrastructure of the AA-CAES plant.

Deliverable D6.1 Report on material qualification

Main information and required parameters for the storage cavern in rock are analysed and reported in D6.1 taking the RICAS2020 conditions into account.
The report contains furthermore an evaluation of the initial location requirement as well as the possible lining material and structural solution.

Deliverable D6.2 Guideline for risk evaluation

D6.2 reports general guidelines for the design and construction of a versatile storage solution for the next generation of an A-CAES power plant.

Deliverable D7.1 Standards review

D7.1 provides information on relevant CAES projects, as well as other underground gas storage installations, namely CO2 and natural gas storage.
Furthermore the corresponding norms and regulations for CAES, CO2, and natural gas storage are described.