Design Study for the European Underground Research Infrastructure related to Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage

Renewable Energy Sources and the Need for Storage

Renewable Energy Sources are available

  • Diurnal,
  • Seasonal
  • Intermittent

Fossil Power Plants are needed as backup

Alternatively, electricity could be stored during periods of ample availability of renewable energy

Selection of Storage Method

Optimum storage method depends on many factors

  • Cost of conversion part compared to cost of storage part
  • Geographic limitations
  • Characteristics of the renewable energy source
  • Required duration of storage
  • Amount of energy to be stored

Comparison of Battery Storage and A-CAES

  • Batteries are better suited for storing solar energy because only short periods of low electricity production have to be covered (a couple of hours during the night)
  • Compressed air energy storage is favorable for storing e.g. wind energy because longer periods of low production have to be bridged (compared to solar energy)