Design Study for the European Underground Research Infrastructure related to Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage

Safety & Security


  • Risk management for the test facility at the design stage
  • Roadmap for further development for later stages
  • Meet the requirements of the Austrian authorities for the test facility
  • Development of an risk management methodology to be employed for related high-pressure air storage technologies

Approval procedure

  • Underground installations in EU are subject to approval
  • No EU-wide regulation exists
  • National regulations must be satisfied
  • Location of planned test facility: Eisenerz, Austria
  • Coordination with Austrian authorities is required

Risk assessment and risk management

  • During the state-of-the-art approach similar projects were reviewed.
    • CAES power plants: Huntorf (GE)
    • McIntosh (USA)
    • ADELE (GE)
    • Airlight Energy/ALACAES (CH)
  • High-pressure natural gas storage rock caverns
  • Large-scale heat storage in process industry
  • The qualitative risk assessment approach is based on the ISO 31000 risk management.


Approaches from nuclear industry are adapted for RICAS2020:

  • Widely accepted methodology exists
  • Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA)
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)

ALARP principle (As Low As Reasonably Possible) is used to narrow the appropriate risk analysis approach: